We have a combined 20+ years of experience in Automotive data analytics and have set up analytics implementation and automated reports for over 1,000 dealerships across North America.

Gathering clean data, recognizing it as relevant, and making effective marketing decisions based on that data is essential to your dealership’s success. Quantifi offers automotive-specific expertise and specialist knowledge to help your dealership find and track the most relevant data, present it coherently and utilize it to make impactful business decisions.

Find out why top-performing dealers and Automotive groups utilize Quantifi to make more informed and better decisions today.



The world of automotive is changing. Mapping the customer experience from start to finish is not only possible but highly necessary for a successful modern dealership. From digital showrooms to cross-channel shopping, with an ever-expanding range of vehicle options and alternatives, the choices facing a customer are staggering. However, if you can effectively track how your customer arrives at their decision, you can be more efficient and effective in your marketing efforts and drive more business.

It may sound impossible or, at the very least, challenging, but at its core, we’re still talking about the relationships that exist between a customer, their soon-to-be car, and the dealership they are trusting to guide them. Improved analytics provide you with a clear picture to understand your customer, your dealership, and the customer buying journey. Data gives you information about what worked and what didn’t in terms of acquisition and retention. It also allows you to better prepare for the future and make informed decisions about your customers, vehicles, and competitors.

Automotive analytics is a foundational pillar of automotive sales. If you aren’t collecting data, analyzing it with a critical eye, and then implementing change based on your findings, then you are already a step behind. The opportunity to better understand your customer’s wants and needs before they ever walk through the door is knocking. Let’s answer it together.


Mapping the customer experience from start to finish is not only possible but highly necessary for a successful modern automotive business.