Turbocharge Your Business With Us

Our list of available services are designed and geared towards supporting web businesses and marketing agencies


Once we’ve made some simple changes to set you up for success, it’s time to start thinking strategy. A concrete plan for the configuration of your analytics platform is the first step to success; after all, data for its own sake is not the goal here. A focused approach right out of the gate will provide more significant results and a greater return. At this stage, we develop the plan for your analytics platform from top to bottom. 

We’re here to serve your specific needs best, and getting the data to the hands that need it most is part of the plan. We design the plan to ensure that crucial information arrives at the desk of the right people, so your KPIs are accurately tracked and measured both by your agency partners and your internal team.


At this stage, we’re in the thick of it. One of our most vital services is the design and implementation of your data layer. A well-established data layer is the channel that ferries gathered data from your website or app into your tag manager for analytic and marketing use. When it’s well planned and executed, and with us, you know it will be, the data layer streamlines the process of gathering raw information. It works to filter and improve the accuracy of this information while weeding out what’s relevant and keeping things simple for you, the user. When we design this layer, we work intimately with your team and stakeholders to determine the data that is critical for you. From what information you want to know to how it is delivered to your desk and put to work, we complete the plan and begin putting it into action. 


Analysis & Insights is an open-ended consultation service that allows our team to perform a deep dive into your data to evaluate the effectiveness of your traffic with your key performance indicators in mind (KPIs). Think of it as a website audit to help you identify any red flags that require immediate attention.  recommendations to help you improve your business.


In some cases, your website may require custom implementation/development on top of the standard Google Analytics offering. For example, a Photo Carousel tracked to know when it’s being clicked on. Or passing a particular ID to Google Analytics. Quantifi specializes in the following types of implementation:

Custom Dimensions and Metrics    |   Event and Goal Tracking
Content Grouping and Labelling    |    Data Modelling


As a part of the Analysis & Insights service, charts, tables and recommendations are carefully compiled and designed to reflect the findings for month. You can choose to have your report delivered as an interactive dashboard (accessible via Internet) or a PDF version delivered directly to your inbox. Alternatively, raw data exports (flat files) are also available upon request.


In some cases, you might have ad-hoc request such as a new analytics initiative or a specialized analysis that requires a second pair of eyes. Quantifi is available for custom consultation for any areas that may not be listed above.